The first thing that runs through a person’s mind when they think they may be charged with a crime is – Will I go to jail? Facing the possibility of jail time is a stressful circumstance. The task of creating a criminal defense and developing a case for presentation in court is time-consuming and intimidating. Even if you are confident in the merits of your case, the way that facts are presented to the court can mean the difference between a dismissal and possible incarceration. Ensure that you present the best possible defense by hiring the services of an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense attorney.

For almost thirty years, The Criminal Lawyer has been defending the citizens of Woburn. Regardless of the seriousness of the offense, Attorney the attorney will provide you with top-notch representation through every phase of litigation. As a top Massachusetts criminal trial and criminal appeals attorney, The attorney has defended clients and secured favorable results in Massachusetts trial and appellate courts. Attorney the attorney earned her reputation as an aggressive litigation and she can put her skills to work for you.

Theft Crimes in Woburn. MA

Numerous criminal charges are characterized as theft crimes. Depending on the severity of the circumstances around the theft and the value of the items stolen, a theft crime can be classified as a misdemeanor charge or even a violent felony. Burglary is a theft crime where property is taken by force. It’s a felony charge, carrying the possibility of substantial jail time. In Massachusetts, burglary is broken down into armed burglary or unarmed burglary. Where a defendant may have been charged with armed burglary, the defense attorney may argue that the facts of the case do not support that level of charge. This is the type of distinction that can possibly keep a defendant out of jail. Shoplifting is another common theft crime. Often, these charges start when a store visitor is approached by a security guard or clerk. Many Woburn citizens speak with these store employees, not knowing that information provided can be used against them in court. A defense attorney will be able to examine the circumstances of the questioning and fight to keep incriminating statements out of court. Attorney the attorney is the right lawyer for the job.

The City of Woburn

Woburn was incorporated as a city in 1642, and is one of the oldest and most historic communities in New England. Woburn was home to tanneries and shoe making factories for many years. In 1803, the construction of the Middlesex Canal made it easier to obtain raw materials and the leather and shoe business enjoyed great prosperity. During the 1800s, Woburn saw the opening of a railroad station, a newspaper, a telegraph office, and a public library. Woburn remains a busy city with a population of approximately 36,000 and has nine public elementary schools, two middle schools and one high school. The Woburn District Court oversees criminal and police matters that take place in the cities of Woburn, Burlington, North Reading, Reading, Stoneham, Wilmington and Winchester. The Courthouse is located at 30 Pleasant Street, at the corner of Abbott and Pleasant Streets.

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