On the shores of Lake Quannapowitt, Wakefield is a middle-class suburb of Boston. It was first settled as the mill town of Reading, but changed its name in 1868 to honor Cyrus Wakefield, the owner of the Wakefield Rattan Company who donated land and money to build the town’s new town hall. As part of the Route 128 corridor, the town is home to Comverse Technology as well as Paul K. Guillow, Inc., one of the oldest and largest model airplane companies. Wakefield citizens with business before the state courts travel south to the Malden District Court at 89 Summer Street in Malden.

Attorney the attorney is dedicated to protecting her clients’ rights and getting them the best possible outcome for each criminal case. A former prosecutor, she has worked as a criminal defense attorney since 1997 and developed a reputation as a tough, aggressive advocate for her clients. She handles all types of criminal cases, including minor crimes like disorderly conduct, drunk driving or drug possession as well as serious crimes like assault and battery, theft or indecent assault. In many cases, she can handle multiple legal matters stemming from the same incident, such as traffic charges related to a charge of operating under the influence, or restraining orders related to a domestic violence charge. She also handles criminal appeals, which give defendants a chance to overturn a wrongful criminal conviction.

Visitors to The Criminal Lawyer frequently arrive feeling upset, stressed and uncertain about the future. Criminal charges against you or someone you love can threaten your family, your job and your plans for the future. The attorney understands what her clients are up against, which is why she makes a point of responding quickly to messages from new and existing clients. Remember, you’re not necessarily guilty just because law enforcement says you are. Officers can make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes allow our office to get charges dropped, dismissed or reduced. When appropriate, our Boston criminal defense lawyer negotiates hard for alternative penalties or lighter sentences that more accurately fit the situation. In other cases, she will fight for your rights in the courtroom, mounting a strong and complete defense to the charges against you.

If you are charged with a crime or believe that you soon will be, you should call criminal defense attorney the attorney right away. To get to her downtown Boston office from Wakefield, take Interstate 95 south to Interstate 93 south. When you reach downtown Boston, exit at Government Center (exit 24B-A), turn left at John F. Fitzgerald Surface Road, right at State Street and left onto Congress Street. Wakefield residents can also take bus 136 or 137 to Oak Grove Station in Malden, transfer to the Orange Line and get off at State Street Station, just a short walk to Congress Street.