Wakefield Drug Crime

Located in Middlesex County, Wakefield, Massachusetts has a population of almost 25,000. Wakefield residents are proud of its youth sports programs and Wakefield High School’s sports teams. The town is divided into neighborhoods, some of which border Lynnfield, Saugus and Melrose. The MBTA commuter rail serves Wakefield, with one station located in the town’s center and another located in the southeast Greenwood neighborhood. Malden District Court has jurisdiction over Wakefield as well as Malden, Everett, and Melrose. If you are a Wakefield resident who has been charged with a drug crime, you should speak with an experienced criminal lawyer like the attorney.

Massachusetts Drug Offenses

Some of the more commonly charged drug offenses in Massachusetts include drug possession, possession with intent and distribution, trafficking and conspiracy. Drug possession involves having drugs for personal use. If you have been charged with drug possession, the government will have to prove, among other things, that you had control or dominion over the drugs. Possession with intent is charged when the amount of drugs or other factors such as packaging or the presence of paraphernalia indicate that the drugs were not for one’s own personal use. Drug trafficking involves large threshold quantities of drugs and is extremely serious, particularly because persons charged with trafficking in Massachusetts face mandatory minimum sentences. A drug conspiracy involves an unlawful agreement relative to the underlying charge. Often, charges of drug conspiracy come about when police are uncertain as to which person had control over the drugs involved. When a drug crime involves a minor, such as circumstances in which drugs are distributed to a minor, or when a drug crime is committed within a school zone or near a park or playground, it becomes significantly more serious. The first step in fighting a drug charge is to consult with lawyer about your options.

Drug Crimes Defense

An experienced drug crimes lawyer will typically file a motion to suppress the drugs. These kinds of motions are filed when there is some argument to be made that the police obtained the drugs illegally by conducting an unlawful search or seizure. Motions to suppress can be successful even where a search was conducted pursuant to a search warrant. One should retain the services of a lawyer who understands the complex body of law governing search and seizure. A criminal defense attorney will work relentlessly and utilize every line of defense.

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