Stoneham Drug Crime

Stoneham is a town in Massachusetts that is probably best known for the Stone Zoo. Stoneham set a world record in the 1970s for having the most gas stations in one mile. Notable Stoneham residents include Olympic and professional athletes, actors, comedians, musicians, singers, and novelists. Both businesses and families are drawn to Stoneham for many attractive qualities, such as its culture, recreation, and diversity. There are many landmarks in Stoneham, including Boston and Maine Railroad Depot, Central Square Historic District, Colonial Beacon Gas Station, Middlesex Fells Reservation Parkways and Reservoirs Historic District, Nobility Hill Historic District, a public library, and many historic homes. Wakefield, Woburn, Winchester and Melrose border Stoneham. Attorney the attorney has represented Stoneham residents who have been accused of drug crimes for many years. If you are from Stoneham and are facing any drug charge, it is extremely important to consult with an experienced drug crimes attorney right away.

Experienced Criminal Drug Defense

the attorney offers the benefit of more than two decades of experience. She is an outstanding criminal defense lawyer who works relentlessly and meticulously. The attorney’s success rate with drug crimes is remarkable, and her results have gained her a reputation as one of Massachusetts’ most skilled defense attorneys. The attorney’s clients appreciate her honesty and direct attitude. They also appreciate the exceptional service that she provides, which is always the result of tireless work.

Massachusetts Drug Cases

Every drug case is unique and will turn on its own facts. Many drug cases in Massachusetts involve marijuana, cocaine, heroin and Oxycontin. Commonly charged offenses include trafficking, manufacturing, conspiracy, possession, and possession with intent and distribution. Filing a motion to suppress evidence is a wise first step in most drug cases because a sharp lawyer can often find some aspect of the search and seizure conducted by police that was at least arguably unconstitutional. Smart and experienced lawyers will critically examine all of the discovery provided by the government to determine whether there is some issue as to actual or constructive possession of drugs or a lack of intent to distribute drugs. Drug defense attorneys will do everything possible to get charges dismissed or reduced to less serious ones. A seasoned lawyer like The attorney will bring strong trial and negotiating skills to the table in Massachusetts and federal drug cases.

In all criminal cases, time is of the essence. Therefore, The attorney makes sure that clients can get through to her office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. She is responsive to her clients and potential clients, and she always takes great care to keep communication open throughout the entire process. The attorney’s office is located in North Andover, and she has a downtown Boston office as well.