A criminal courtroom can be an intimidating place, when you are standing in front of a judge and trying to advocate for yourself. The abundance of rules and procedures can make for a difficult experience and, if done incorrectly, your mistakes could result in unnecessary conviction and/or your incarceration. Take the intimidation out of the criminal court process with an accomplished and professional attorney to represent you.

The attorney has been representing the citizens of Somerville for more than 20 years. Whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a serious felony,Attorney the attorney provides an aggressive defense from arrest to the completion of the trial, with an expansive knowledge of the Massachusetts criminal justice system. An accomplished criminal defense lawyer criminal who has been practicing law for almost thirty years, The attorney has successfully defended clients in the Massachusetts District and Superior Court trial courts. Ensure that your case is handled by someone with experience, skill and with a high level of commitment by calling The Criminal Lawyer today.

Clerk's Hearings in Somerville

The state of Massachusetts routinely uses “clerk's hearings” to dispose of public complaints and misdemeanor cases in an efficient manner. Simple assaults, threats and restraining order violations may all be handled through a clerk's hearing. Often, the clerk considers citizen complaints and decides whether to make an official charge. An experienced attorney can assist you in identifying options to dispose of the case before charges are filed. Citizens often fail to see the seriousness of a hearing and opt to handle it themselves, with the intention of securing an attorney if the hearing goes badly. Presenting your own case at this proceeding can be extremely damaging to your overall case. Without the benefit of an attorney, you may unknowingly provide testimony that will be used against you at a later time. A knowledgeable defense lawyer can advocate for you in a clerk's hearing without you having to present any testimony.

The City of Somerville

Somerville is a large city in Middlesex County Massachusetts, north of Boston with a population of 77,400. Just over four square miles in size, Somerville is the most densely populated community in New England, with a long and interesting history. Paul Revere galloped through Somerville to warn patriots of the arrival of British troops. Somerville was a brick making center in the 19th century, as the local soil is dense with clay. Today, many residents are first and second generation immigrants, making Somerville home to an extremely diverse community. Somerville also has a large arts community, is the only city in the state using a 311 helpline for citizens and has embraced many innovative approaches to running a modern city. Property crime outpaces violent crime in Somerville, and while overall crime rates are lower than the national statistics, car theft is higher than the national average. Personal violence is also higher than in most cities. The Somerville District Courthouse, known also the Massachusetts Trial Court District Court Department, Somerville Division, is located at 175 Fellsway, in Somerville, Massachusetts 02145. The Somerville District Courthouse handles cases from arrests made in Somerville and Medford.

If you, a family member or a good friend have been summoned to a clerk's hearing, contact the Law Offices of the attorney before attempting to handle the hearing on your own. The attorney has been assisting the citizens of Somerville with clerk's hearings for years. Call today and rest assured that your hearing will be handled with superior legal knowledge and reliable courtroom skill.