Sex Crimes

If you have been accused of a sex crime, your reputation and possibly your freedom is on the line. That is why it is important for you to contact a well- respected, top- notch Massachusetts Criminal Defense Attorney like The attorney. The attorney has been handling sex crimes cases for over 20 years with great success. The array of sex crimes in Massachusetts is expansive, and the consequences of being convicted can be devastating. You can lose your liberty, your job and your status in your community. People tend to avoid and shun those who have been accused of committing sex crimes. That is why it is important for you to hire a sex crimes defense lawyer who commands respect among her peers and the judges who will hear these cases. That lawyer is The attorney.

Massachusetts Sex Crimes

Over the years, Massachusetts laws have identified scores of sex crimes. A conviction for most of these crimes requires you to register with the Sex Offender Registry Board or SORB. Certain categories of SORB registration provide for direct dissemination of your conviction to the general public. This allows your neighbors, friends and members of your community to find out that you have been convicted of a Massachusetts Sex Crime and labeled a sex offender. Avoiding this stigma starts with finding and retaining Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers like The attorney as soon as possible.

Types of Sex Crimes in Massachusetts

Of all the sex crimes in Massachusetts, the following list encompasses many of the more common offenses. The attorney has handled all of these types of sex crimes and more.

Collateral Consequences Of Admissions Or Convictions For These Types Of Crimes

Being charged with a sex crime jeopardizes your freedom, reputation and potentially one’s citizenship. Any type of finding for this type of crime may have immigration consequences, so it is vital that if an individual charged with a sex crime is not a United States citizen he or she must contact a criminal defense attorney that is familiar with the laws in that area.

The attorney has successfully represented non-citizens charged with crimes in which his or her ability to remain in the country has been an issue in the case. It is also important to remember that even legal permanent residents are not citizens and can run into difficulty with Immigration if convicted of certain types of crimes.

Potential Issues For Defendants Facing Sex Offenses While Attending School

Facing a sex- related criminal charge can also trigger issues with academic institutions. Whether a defendant is in a private or public high school or a private or public college or university, he or she may face disciplinary action by the school under certain circumstances.

In the event that an academic entity takes action against a student charged with a crime, the student should immediately contact an attorney. Often the student will face administrative hearings that are focused on whether he or she can continue on at the school or whether a suspension or dismissal is appropriate. However, the student often does not realize that anything he or she says during this type of hearing or to an investigator can be used against him or her in the criminal arena. In most situations, law enforcement and the academic institution are often working together. It is imperative to have an attorney represent someone in this situation because the student’s educational future, personal liberty and reputation are at stake. It is important not to take this situation lightly. Contact a criminal attorney immediately if you find yourself or someone you love in this type of situation.

If you have been charged with one of these crimes, do not wait to have someone get started with your defense. Knowledgeable Massachusetts Sex Crimes Defense Lawyers like The attorney will aggressively defend against these allegations. Our office will make sure that all of your rights are protected and that you are properly defended. The attorney does not wait for prosecutors to show their hand. She works aggressively to protect your rights and your reputation. Contact The criminal attorney so that she can start working on your defense.