One of the larger cities in the South Coast, Quincy is a major population center in metropolitan Boston with more than 92,000 people. This "City of Presidents" was named for Col. John Quincy, grandfather of Abigail Adams and namesake of John Quincy Adams. Once known for its shipbuilding and quarries, Quincy now hosts the headquarters of several major companies, including insurance and health care companies and the Stop & Shop chain of grocery stores. Quincy has its own district court, befitting the seventh-largest city in Massachusetts, at 1 Dennis Ryan Parkway. This court also serves the communities of Randolph, Milton, Cohasset, Weymouth and Braintree. If you are a Quincy resident who has been charged with a crime, the attorney, a leading defense lawyer, can get the best outcome possible for you.

For more than 25 years, The attorney has been building her expertise in criminal practice. Prior to becoming a defense attorney, The attorney was a prosecutor. She has been in the criminal field throughout her career, and she has extensive knowledge as to how to work all criminal cases. When facing a criminal charge, a major concern might be how it will affect your future. The attorney will use the full extent of her abilities to minimize or eliminate any impact that this experience might have on your life and freedom. Many times, The attorney is successful in getting charges reduced or dismissed before trial. Other times, she is successful in getting her clients acquitted of criminal charges. For clients who have already been convicted of crimes, The attorney has argued winning appeals and new trial motions. No matter the nature or circumstances of your case, a lawyer like the attorney will make the big differences.

If you have been charged with a crime in Quincy or anywhere else in Massachusetts. You can also send The attorney an e-mail explaining your circumstances or outlining any questions that you have. Her offices are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days every week, so feel free to call at your convenience. You are assured a timely response.

Law Office Locations and Directions

Residents of Quincy who are facing criminal charges need help quickly to ensure that they get the best chance to defend themselves from charges that could change their lives. Criminal defense lawyer the attorney offers free phone consultations to all potential clients. To get to her downtown Boston office from Quincy, take Massachusetts 3A north to I-93 north, then take Exit 20 to merge east onto the Massachusetts Turnpike. From there, take the Congress Street exit, keep left at the fork and turn right onto Congress Street. Or, take the Red Line from Quincy Center Station to South Station, then walk or transfer to the Silver Line and take it to Silver Line Way. If you would prefer to meet at her North Andover office, call for directions.