Peabody Drug Crime

Peabody is a Massachusetts city located in Essex County. It is north of Boston, and it neighbors Middleton, Lynn, Danvers, Salem and Lynnfield.

Peabody District Court, which services Peabody and Lynnfield, is located on Lowell Street, and The attorney is very well-recognized in that courthouse and in Essex Superior Court. The attorney is a prominent Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer who is particularly experienced in drug crimes defense. Many of her clients from Peabody have found themselves charged with drug crimes, including: possession, distribution, possession with intent to distribute, trafficking, school zone violations, manufacturing, conspiracy, drug offenses involving minors, and more. Typically, the substances involved in Massachusetts drug cases are marijuana, heroin, Oxycontin, cocaine, ecstasy, and various different prescription drugs that are unauthorized. Drug classifications range from Class A to Class E, with Class A being the most serious in terms of punitive consequences. One example of a Class A drug is heroin, and an example of a Class E drug would be a prescription containing codeine. In between these two poles are Class B drugs like cocaine, Class C drugs like Valium, and Class D drugs such as marijuana.

Outstanding Results In Difficult Cases

Convicted drug offenders are punished severely, and incarceration rates are continuously rising, even with respect to low-level offenders. Some of the more serious drug charges carry mandatory minimum sentences, and others carry large potential fines, jail or prison time, and other harsh consequences. It is absolutely imperative to contact a highly-experienced drug crimes lawyer to defend you. The attorney is one of the most experienced defense attorneys in Massachusetts, and she will do everything possible to help you to move forward with your life.

Experienced Massachusetts Drug Defense

Successful drug defense in Massachusetts takes highly-specialized expertise. This is why The attorney focuses exclusively on criminal defense. She approaches every drug case with a determined and aggressive attitude and an eye toward success. The attorney is a force for her clients inside the courtroom. A former prosecutor, The attorney can anticipate how district attorneys are going to proceed against her clients, enabling her to act preemptively. She is never afraid to take on a tough case, and she excels in the face of a challenge.

The Criminal Lawyer has locations in both North Andover and Boston. Her North Andover office is located on Sutton Street, and her Boston office is on Congress Street. Both locations are can be conveniently reached from Peabody. Alternatively, you can contact her through e-mail. The office accepts telephone calls 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It is never too late to talk to a lawyer about a drug charge, but it is advisable to do so at the earliest stage possible. This allows a lawyer to intervene before your rights can be further violated, and it may also give you peace of mind in a confusing time.