If you are a defendant facing criminal charges, the Massachusetts criminal court system can be a maze of procedures, rules and statutes. Your freedom and reputation are on the line as you try to navigate your way through the maze. Without representation by a professional attorney, you are gambling with your future, and possibly the well being of your family. Don't let the intricacies of the criminal justice system overwhelm you. Secure the services of a knowledgeable attorney with the skills to guide you through the Massachusetts courts.

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Firearms Charges in Newton

Firearms charges can carry serious consequences. Taking ownership or possession of a firearm must be done in compliance with Massachusetts state laws. In order to purchase or carry a firearm, you must obtain a Firearm Identification Card, also called an FIC. Possessing a firearm in the state of Massachusetts without an FIC can carry a minimum sentence of 18 months in prison. It is also a felony to carry a loaded firearm while under the influence of any intoxicating substance. This prohibition exists even for licensed firearm owners. Along with the numerous state laws, many localities have also implemented regulations regarding firearm purchases and possession. In many cities, it’s illegal to discharge a firearm in an unauthorized area. Firearm accessories are also regulated under Massachusetts law. Silencers are prohibited, unless you are a legally authorized user. When charged with any of these serious firearm offenses, it is imperative that you secure the services of a lawyer that is experienced with gun and weapons charges. Attorney the attorney has the skill you need.

The City of Newton, MA

Lying just west of Boston’s city limits, Newton is a city that many actually consider a loose collection of 13 to 15 “villages.” It became a suburb as early as the 1830s, when the railroad allowed wealthy Boston businessmen to commute into the city from country homes. These days, many Newton residents work in Newton, but the city is just 10 miles from downtown Boston, and the Boston Marathon goes through it. At 82,139 residents estimated in 2008, Newton is one of the largest cities in Massachusetts. The District Court of Newton is the court serving Newton residents, and in fact, it serves no other towns but Newton. It is located at 1309 Washington Street in the village of West Newton. Attorney the attorney has an established history of representing the citizens of Newton.

If you or your loved one has been charged with a firearms violation, call the Law Offices of the attorney today. Firearm charges can carry substantial penalties and you need a committed lawyer to advocate for you during this difficult time.