Methuen Drug Crime

Methuen is a city located along the Merrimack River in Essex County with a population of more than 40,000 within its 23.1 square miles. Bordering Methuen are Haverhill, Lawrence, Andover, Dracut and North Andover. With a North Andover office, Attorney the attorney is familiar with Methuen, its residents, and Lawrence District Court, the court that serves the city. If you have been charged with a drug crime in Methuen, you might find yourself in the Lawrence District Court or in the Essex Superior Court, depending on the nature of the offense. the attorney works tirelessly on behalf of her Methuen clients, and all of her clients, to fight their Massachusetts drug charges.

Drug Crimes in Massachusetts

If you have been accused of any drug violation in Massachusetts, you need to be prepared for a serious prosecution. Examples of drug offenses include possession, trafficking, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, manufacturing, school or park zone violations, inducing a minor to sell drugs, and selling or distributing drugs to a minor. There are all kinds of drugs that are routinely involved in these charges, including heroin, cocaine, Oxycontin, marijuana, morphine, special K, ecstasy, methamphetamine, amphetamine, GHB, and various prescription drugs. The laws regarding drug crimes and drug crimes penalties can be complex for the untrained, and you will need to speak with an experienced attorney like The attorney, who can explain what you are facing. However, you should know that all drug charges carry potentially life-changing consequences, and the best way to minimize or avoid those consequences is to immediately consult with one of Massachusetts’ finest drug crimes lawyers.

Experienced Criminal Defense

the attorney has more than 20 years of experience in criminal practice, and she has successfully handled a great number of drug cases, ranging from possession to major trafficking. Effective drug defense requires a rare level of sophistication and finesse of which only a select few, like The attorney, are capable. While every case is different, constitutional defenses based on search and seizure are customarily the best place to start when criminal charges are drug-related. To gain an understanding of where you stand and how you should proceed, call The attorney now.

The Criminal Lawyer is located in North Andover and welcomes new clients from neighboring Methuen. If preferable, you can also send The attorney an e-mail directly. Although she is a leading criminal defense lawyer in Massachusetts, The attorney is known for making herself ever-available to clients. Once you speak with her, you will understand why she is held in such high regard by these valued clients as well as fellow attorneys, judges, and court staff.