When a citizen of Malden is charged with a criminal offense, their entire world can be turned upside down. Legal procedures and court cases can be expensive and difficult to navigate without the representation of a criminal defense attorney. There are specific processes that must be followed when fighting a criminal charge in court. An experienced criminal attorney can make sure that every detail is covered, providing you with the best possible defense.

Attorney the attorney has experience as both a prosecutor and defense attorney and is familiar with the routines of all of the local district courts. A highly respected lawyer with almost thirty years of criminal law experience, The attorney will work hard to ensure that you are provided the best possible criminal defense. Her work in the courtroom has earned The attorney an impeccable reputation for aggressive litigation, with attention to detail. Attorney the attorney also argues criminal appeals, successfully advocating against convictions in the Superior Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a serious felony, let the Law Offices of the attorney navigate your way through the criminal justice system.

The Bail Hearing

Upon being arrested, your most pressing concern is how to get released. In Massachusetts, many defendants are not released until they post a bail. This is generally money that is promised to the court for the defendant's release from jail pending trial. If the defendant fails to return to court for the trial, the money is forfeited and a warrant is issued for the defendant's arrest. The court determines whether bail is appropriate at a bail hearing. At the hearing, the state can argue that a specific bail amount is appropriate or that no bail should be offered, causing the defendant to remain in jail until trial. Even if the prosecution argues for bail, it may be for an amount that is unreasonable or beyond the defendant's financial means. The defense attorney can counter the prosecutor by arguing that the defendant should either by released on his own recognizance, with no payment or money. She can also argue for a bail amount that is lower than what the prosecution is requesting. Ultimately, the judge makes a final decision whether to grant bail and at what amount.

The City of Malden

Like many of the cities and towns in Middlesex County, Malden has a rich history that was an important part of America's early development. The area was founded by the Puritans, and residents were patriots who resisted British rule during the American Revolution. Malden is also looking towards the future, with an ambitious undertaking, The Malden Vision, a program designed to bring the community, private business and government together in planning for the future in a collaborative way. Today more than 56,000 people call Malden home and take great pride in their city. The Malden District Courthouse is located at 89 Summer Street, Malden MA 02148. Cases venue in Malden and nearby cities and towns of Melrose, Everett and Wakefield are in its jurisdiction. The attorney is an experienced defender for the citizens of Malden. Let her advocate for you.

If you are looking for an experienced defense attorney with a proven track record for success, contact the Law Offices of the attorney as soon as possible for assistance. You don't have to face your bail hearing without the benefit of a professional attorney by your side. The attorney will advocate for your release, under terms that are reasonable to your personal situation. A bail hearing happens quickly, so there is no time for delay.