Criminal charges are difficult to accept and even more difficult to fight. As a criminal defendant, you are not only faced with judgment from the court, but you may also face the judgment of your family and friends. For particularly violent crimes, a defendant may deal with societal judgment, as the media plays out every step of the court process on the nightly news. When a criminal charge puts your reputation at stake, it is vital that you have a lawyer who will give you an excellent defense, while handling your legal affairs with dignity and decorum. Furthermore, most violent crimes are also felonies and a conviction of this type of crime could have collateral consequences of interfering with employment opportunities or volunteering at school.

The Criminal Lawyer is an experienced legal firm that will handle your criminal defense with professionalism and discretion. Attorney the attorney has spent almost thirty years specializing in Massachusetts criminal law. An accomplished Massachusetts criminal trial attorney and post-conviction attorney, she has a reputation as an aggressive criminal defense attorney. The attorney is familiar with all of the expectations and rules of the local district courts and routinely appears in all courts across Massachusetts on a daily basis.

The Massachusetts courts have classified numerous crimes as being particularly violent. Arson and malicious destruction of property are characterized as violent crimes to property, while battery and murder are violent crimes to a person. As felonies, a conviction for a violent crime can result in significant jail sentences. A crime is considered a felony in Massachusetts if there is a possibility of a commitment to a state prison upon conviction as opposed to a jail or a house of correction.

The defense attorney must start early in the case to identify facts and theories that support a dismissal or finding of not guilty. Once the attorney reviews the details of the case, a defense strategy can be developed. She may assert self defense or mis-identification to counter the charges. Proving the theory often requires various witness statements or other forms of evidence for presentation to the court. After evaluating all of the discovery provided by the prosecutor, The attorney files all appropriate pre-trial motions such as motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress statements and motions to suppress identification in order to zealously represent clients. Often times, the successful litigation of a motion to suppress evidence can result in the dismissal of a case-the end of the case for a criminal defendant. Defending a violent crime is time-consuming and it is vitally important to secure representation as soon as possible after being charged. Call the Law Offices of the attorney today and let an experienced attorney advocate for you.

The City of Lynn

Lynn is an independent city within easy distance of downtown Boston. First settled in 1629, Lynn was quickly divided into several smaller towns, including the modern cities of Reading, Lynnfield and Swampscott. Lynn became known in the twentieth century as an industrial center and had a role in the founding of General Electric. These days, its population of more than 90,000 people includes professionals who commute into Boston as well as families and individuals who live and work in Essex County. Lynn has its own district court, the Lynn District Court at 580 Essex Street. As a prominent Massachusetts criminal defense attorney, the attorney knows her way around Lynn District Court and every other court in the area.

Call the Law Offices of the attorney if you or a loved one has been charged with a violent crime. The attorney will provide you with a top-notch defense, with the professionalism and respect every client deserves.