Lynn Drug Crime

Lynn, Massachusetts, a former center for industry, is a city in Essex County located about 7 miles north of Boston. Settled in 1629, Lynn has a long and rich in history, and it is a city of many “firsts.” Lynn is home to Lynn Beach, a state park, and many other attractions. Despite all that Lynn has to offer residents and visitors, Lynn is sometimes taunted with the rhyme, “Lynn, Lynn, city of sin…” because of its reputation for criminal activity, including drug activity. Lynn District Court is located in Lynn, and Attorney the attorney regularly represents Lynn residents accused of drug crimes in that court and in Essex Superior Court.

Massachusetts Drug OffensesThere is a wide range of Massachusetts drug crimes outlined in Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C, known as the “Controlled Substances Act.” Criminal charges involving drugs are extremely common in Massachusetts, and such charges often involve:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to distribute
  • Distribution
  • Trafficking
  • School zone violations
  • Drug offenses involving minors

Drug possession is a crime under section 34 of Chapter 94C. “Possession” basically means controlling the drugs or having the ability to control them. Usually, Massachusetts drug possession charges involve cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and Oxycontin, as these are the most frequently used drugs in our Commonwealth. It is not a crime in Massachusetts to possess one ounce or less of marijuana.

Possession with intent to distribute and distribution charges tend to involve drug quantities or packaging, large amounts of cash, and other factors indicating that the drugs were not for personal use.

Drug trafficking charges are serious, and these involve very large quantities of drugs, such as 50 pounds or more of marijuana and 14 grams or more of cocaine or heroin. The severity of potential punishments depends on the amount and type of drugs involved, but drug trafficking involves mandatory minimum sentences.

School zone violations are drug violations within 1,000 feet of school property or within 100 feet of a park or playground. Given the state’s interest in protecting children from the dangers of drugs, school zone violations involve mandatory minimums.

Drug offenses involving minors, such as distribution to a minor or inducing minors to sell or distribute, also carry mandatory minimum sentences.

Massachusetts Drug Crimes Defense Attorney

If you are a Lynn resident who has been accused of one of the offenses above, or any other Massachusetts drug offense, call The Criminal Lawyer. The attorney is well-known for her aggressive and skillful work on behalf of her clients. Not only is she is one of the most experienced lawyers in the state, but The attorney is also one of the hardest-working and dedicated professionals that you will find..