Criminal Defense in Lowell, Massachusetts

The single most common way that community members in Lowell are likely to interact with the justice system is when they or a loved one is charged with a crime. From traffic violations and drug crimes up to serious assault or murder charges, law enforcement officers arrest residents daily for various claims of misconduct. If you find yourself in this situation, it is critical to secure representation from an experienced, aggressive, criminal defense attorney who understands the legal system in Lowell. Even if you are summonsed to court for a clerk’s hearing and do not believe that it is a “big deal” it is always a good idea to have a defense attorney accompany you to court. In some situations it may be possible to avoid having a complaint issue against someone or avoid arraignment.

A Lowell criminal defense attorney can work on your behalf immediately after your arrest to ensure you do not act in a way that harms your case and to guarantee that law enforcement officers protect your rights every step of the way. In this area, the Lowell criminal defense attorney at The Criminal Lawyer is here help. The attorney is proud to represent local residents facing any criminal charge. Please contact our office today to start the process.

Lowell Residents Struggle with Drug Crimes and Gun Charges

Defendant’s in Lowell, Massachusetts District Court often find themselves facing drug crimes - possession, possession with intent to distribute, and distribution - as well as gun charges - unlawful possession and carrying. As a result, many find themselves in need of not only a good criminal defense attorney, but an aggressive, competent, and compassionate one.

That is where the attorney comes into play. She knows how to defend the rights of her clients in the Lowell Courthouse. She is familiar with the individuals that work in the courthouse. They respect her, listen to her, and thus consider the facts that she presents to protect her clients. When charged with a drug crime or a gun crime in Lowell, residents face a daunting and intimidating judicial system. That is why having a reliable and trustworthy attorney like the attorney is not only important, it is a necessity.

Lowell Criminal Drug Defense

Have you or a loved one been charged with a drug crime in Lowell? If so, speak with the attorney today. The attorney offers years of experience and intelligence to fight drug charges. She can offer aggressive defenses to a variety of charges, such as:

  • lack of possession
  • lack of knowledge
  • lack of intent to distribute
  • entrapment
  • failure of government to properly investigate
  • challenges to weight

The attorney offers a blend of smart, hard-working professionalism as a dedicated criminal defense attorney to fight on your behalf.

Controlled Substances Act

Chapter 94C, the “Controlled Substances Act,” in Massachusetts, governs drug offenses. Drugs offenses that result in charges are generally the following:

  • drug possession
  • drug trafficking
  • drug distribution and possession with intent to distribute
  • conspiracy
  • school zones
  • distribution to a minor
  • inducing a minor to distribute to sell
  • drug paraphernalia and counterfeit substances

The charges vary depending on what sort of drug is being handled or sold or in possession, i.e., substances are put into different classes - Class A, Class B, Class C, Class D, and Class E. There are Class A drugs, which are generally the hardest drugs, such as heroin, as well as GHB and ketamine. Class A drugs also include so-called date rape drugs. Class B drugs include oxycontin, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP, LSD, speed, and meth. Vicodin, Valium, Clonazepam, mescaline, and mushroom are all Class C drugs. Marijuana otherwise known as pot is a Class D drug, and, finally Class E drugs are opium, codeine, and morphine.

Gun Charges in Lowell

Gun charges are also a serious crime. The attorney has also worked with defendants in the District Court who have been charged with gun crimes. The attorney has defended countless defendants and she ensures that they receive the best outcome in their cases.

Lowell, MA

The attorney serves many clients from Lowell who wind up in Lowell District Court or Middlesex Superior Court and have been charged with various drug crimes, gun charges, and many other issues. Lowell District Court is located on 41 Hurd Street. Middlesex Superior Court is located on 460 Gorham Street. The attorney routinely appears in these courthouses and knows the ropes.

Lowell, located in Middlesex County, is known as the “Cradle” of the Industrial Revolution. Like many cities in the Northeast, it flourished during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. As of 2010, according to the U.S. census, the population was 106,519. More recently, when it comes to its history, however, Lowell was hit hard by the economic downturn that has affected large part of the United States, and this has resulted in an increase in crime. This means that defendants who are charged with drug crimes and gun crimes need to have an attorney who fully understands the importance of defending their rights and freedoms - the attorney is the right attorney to represent them in court. There is no need to be a victim of a deteriorating system that is no longer functioning properly. The attorney is here to stand up for your rights. Regardless of Lowell’s history and its current economic situation, you deserve the best counsel. Look no further. The attorney is the answer to that pressing problem.

Contact The Criminal Lawyer

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Lowell or elsewhere in Massachusetts, call The Criminal Lawyer. The attorney has offices in North Andover and Boston. She is a highly successful drug crimes defense lawyer with a fierce and loyal commitment to her clients. The attorney works around the clock to ensure that she can protect the rights and the future of her clients.

The majority of drug charges carry mandatory minimum jail sentences or other very severe penalties. The attorney understands that no drug charge is insignificant - even the slightest infraction can profoundly affect your standing in the community, your career, result in license consequences and affect the well-being of your family. When everything is at stake, it is in your best interest to reach out to Massachusetts’ best criminal attorneys immediately.