Lowell Drug Crime

The Law Offices of the attorney, located in North Andover, serves many clients from nearby Lowell. Lowell residents who have been charged with drug crimes often find themselves in Lowell District Court or Middlesex Superior Court, and The attorney is in these courts on a very regular basis. Lowell is best known for its history as an industrial powerhouse. It is one of the largest cities here in Massachusetts, and it offers many attractions, events and popular venues.

Massachusetts Criminal Drug Defense

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Lowell, speak with the attorney today. There are many ways that an experienced and intelligent lawyer like The attorney can fight drug charges. Defenses that can be raised include lack of possession, lack of knowledge, lack of intent to distribute, entrapment, failure of the government to properly investigate, challenges to weight, and more. Motions to suppress are often effective in drug cases when constitutional violations have occurred, such as where police conducted an illegal search or seizure. There are several different avenues that a smart and hard-working criminal defense attorney like The attorney will explore in order to fight on your behalf.

Controlled Substances Act

In Massachusetts, the “Controlled Substances Act,” Chapter 94C, governs drug offenses. Drug offenses that are commonly charged involve drug possession, drug trafficking, drug distribution and possession with intent to distribute, conspiracy, school zones, distribution to a minor, inducing a minor to distribute or sell, drug paraphernalia and counterfeit substances. Substances are divided into different classes. Class A substances are generally the hardest drugs, such as heroin. Class A also includes GHB and ketamine, club drugs which are also among the most common “date rape” drugs. Oxycontin, cocaine, ecstasy, PCP, LSD, speed, and meth are in Class B. Class C includes Vicodin, Valium, Clonazempam, mescaline, and mushrooms. Marijuana is classified as a Class D substance. Finally, Class E includes opium, codeine and morphine.

If you have been charged with a drug crime in Lowell or elsewhere in Massachusetts, call The Criminal Lawyer. The attorney has offices in both North Andover and Boston. She is a remarkable drug crimes defense lawyer with a sincere commitment to her clients. The attorney stops at nothing in protecting their rights and futures. Her aggressive representation results in the best outcomes possible. Many drug charges carry mandatory minimum jail sentences or other very severe penalties. While there really is no trivial drug charge, even the slightest one can profoundly affect you reputation, career, and family. With so much at stake, the best thing to do is to speak with one of Massachusetts’ best criminal attorneys as soon as possible.