Lexington Drug Crime

Lexington, Massachusetts is best known for the Battle of Lexington during the American Revolution. Located in Middlesex County, Lexington is a town with a population of more than 30,000. The town was settled as a part of Cambridge in 1642. Lexington is home to several monuments and historical sites and landmarks dating to the Revolutionary and Colonial periods. Lexington has four sister cities located in France, Mexico, Ukraine and Israel.

Lexington prides itself on being the “birthplace of American liberty.” In Lexington and all other Massachusetts cities and towns, individuals charged with drug crimes risk losing their liberty. Attorney the attorney, a leading criminal lawyer in Massachusetts, has been protecting clients’ freedom for more than 20 years.

Massachusetts Drug Defense

Defense of drug crimes requires a thorough understanding of our constitutional rights, particularly our Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable searches and seizures. The attorney’s extensive knowledge of this complex area of constitutional law often results in suppression of evidence and ultimately dismissal of drug charges. A former prosecutor, The attorney knows the ins and outs of every drug crimes defense strategy as a result of decades on both sides of the courtroom. She aggressively fights drug charges and all other criminal charges in Massachusetts with a unique level of skill and finesse.

Drug Possession

Possession of cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and other drugs are commonly prosecuted offenses in our Commonwealth. To convict a defendant of drug possession, the government has to prove that he or she knowingly and intentionally had control or dominion over a substance that is in fact an illegal drug.

Possession with Intent and Distribution

Charges of possession with intent to distribute or distribution are more serious than charges of drug possession, and potential punishments become extremely severe if a school zone, public park, or a minor is involved. If you have been charged with one of these crimes, you need to speak with an experienced lawyer like the attorney right away.

Drug Trafficking

Drug trafficking charges involve mandatory minimum sentences, which will depend on the quantity and type of drugs involved. Needless to say, those charged with drug trafficking have so much at stake that it is necessary to have one of Massachusetts’ best drug crimes lawyers on their side.

Drug Conspiracy

Drug conspiracy cases are unique, and unfortunately, conspiracy charges can result from nothing more than being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Defense of drug conspiracy charges requires a complete understanding of the law of conspiracy and hearsay rules. The criminal attorney has successfully handled countless conspiracy cases in her lengthy career.