No Gloucester resident wants to be charged with a criminal offense. It can be an extremely embarrassing and unpleasant situation, leading to hefty fines or loss of your freedom. Regardless of the severity of the charge, all criminal violations must be taken seriously. Contact an experienced defense attorney with a proven track record of success in the Massachusetts criminal court system.

An Experienced Criminal Attorney Who Will Work for You

The Criminal Lawyer is an established criminal law practice with approximately three decades of criminal law experience. The attorney's extensive professional skill earned her a reputation as an attorney who will work hard to defend your liberty and vigorously represent you in criminal court. A powerful litigator, The attorney explores every possible avenue to ensure the best possible result for her clients. For example, The attorney has successfully litigated pre-trial motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress statements and motions to dismiss that have result in the dismissal of cases, some of which would have required incarceration upon conviction. She has also successfully litigated post-conviction cases in the Superior Court, the Massachusetts Appeals Court and the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court. With an aggressive courtroom style and a commitment to her clients,Attorney the attorney is a criminal defense lawyer who gets the job done.

Drug Possession Charges in Gloucester

A drug possession charge is a serious matter in city of Gloucester. Massachusetts law recognizes four classes of drugs, each with specific sentencing guidelines. For example, marijuana is classified as a Class D drug. The penalty for possession of more than one ounce can range from probation to jail time. While a first offense may only result in an eventual dismissal, a second or third offense could land you in jail, without the rightcriminal defense representation. Simple possession of an ounce or less of marijuana is NOT considered a criminal offense but a civil fine of $100.00 can be imposed. Possession of prescription narcotics can get you a Class C drug charge, which can result in jail time and expensive fines. Class B classifications are given to more serious substances. Cocaine and PCP are both classified as Class B drugs with heavy potential penalties, including substantial incarceration. The most serious drug charges are for Class A possessions. Heroin and codeine are classified as Class A drugs. A conviction could get you ten years for a first offense and up to fifteen for a subsequent offense, along with a $25,000 fine. Your best chance of avoiding these steep penalties is to hire a criminal defense lawyer with more than twenty years of experience fighting drug possession charges in the Massachusetts courts. Contact theLaw Office of the attorney.

The City of Gloucester, Massachusetts

Gloucester is a coastal Massachusetts city located in Essex County. Gloucester is a center for fishing with a population of almost 30,000. Gloucester draws in many visitors because of its beautiful beaches, lighthouses, historic downtown area, fresh seafood, and artistic offerings. Gloucester has a population of more than 28,000, and it has a total area of 41.5 square miles, with 15.5 square miles being water. It has a Strong-Mayor-Council form of government. Gloucester is bordered by Rockport, Essex, Ipswich, and Manchester by the Sea. Gloucester District Court is located on Main Street and sees cases from Gloucester, Rockport and Essex. Attorney the attorney is one of Massachusetts’ best criminal defense lawyers and frequents this court, often representing persons who have been charged with Massachusetts drug offenses.

The drug possession charges facing you or someone that you know are facing are serious and you need a criminal defense attorney who will aggressively fight for you. The criminal attorney is an experienced criminal defense lawyer, who will put her twenty years of experience to work for you.