Just across the river from the city, Everett is a part of the Boston metro area. Its estimated population of 37,353 is diverse, but the city is noted for its heavily Italian population. Outside of Massachusetts, Everett is noted as the setting for the ABC television show Boston's Finest, as well as for part of the film Gone Baby Gone. Political buffs may appreciate that Everett is also the only city in the United States with a bicameral legislature, made up of a Board of Aldermen and a Common Council. Everett residents with legal matters before the state courts are served by Malden District Court at 89 Summer Street in Malden. Attorney the attorney frequents Malden District Court, defending Everett residents accused of all types of criminal offenses. If you are an Everett resident who has been charged with a crime, speak with The attorney right away.

The attorney will use more than 25 years of experience to help you. Over the decades, The attorney has proven that she is one of Massachusetts' best defense attorneys. She is knowledgeable in law and practice, and is an experienced advocate in the courtroom. The attorney stays steps ahead of the prosecution, partly by virtue of her past experience as an assistant district attorney and partly by way of her strategic mindset. While it may be a stressful time for you or yours, The attorney can ease your concerns by offering excellent advice and outstanding representation. Do not let a criminal charge hold you back in life. If you have been charged with any Massachusetts criminal offense, speak with the attorney as soon as you can.

If you or someone you know would like to talk to The attorney about a criminal matter, contact her office by sending The attorney an e-mail directly through this website. Like all Massachusetts residents, citizens of Everett who are charged with a crime face serious consequences. That's why it's important to speak with an experienced defense lawyer like the attorney as soon as possible. Speaking with The attorney will get the ball rolling in your favor and importantly, it will give you a sense of calm in a tremendously difficult time you and your family.

Law Office Locations and Directions

To get to The attorney's downtown Boston office from Everett, take Massachusetts 99 south across the Charlestown Bridge and follow Washington Street. Turn right at Friend Street, left at Merrimac Street and continue onto Congress Street. Everett residents can also take bus 104 or 109 from Broadway and Webster to Sullivan Station. There, transfer to the Orange Line and take it to the State Street Station, which is a short walk from her office. Though her Boston office location is closer to Everett, The attorney has another office in North Andover. For more complete directions to either location, ask a member of The attorney's friendly staff.