Dracut Drug Crime

Dracut is a Massachusetts suburb in Greater Lowell that is part of the Merrimack Valley. Dracut was settled in 1653 and was originally known as “Augumtoocooke.” Dracut offers access to several highways, and the town borders New Hampshire. Dracut has notable residents who were famed politicians, actors, lawyers, activists, and athletes. Dracut has a population of almost 30,000, and it is more than 21 square miles in area. the attorney, who has a North Andover office, regularly provides legal services to Dracut residents, who appreciate her strong advocacy and personalized service. The attorney has a specialized knowledge of drug crimes defense, and Dracut residents who have been accused of drug crimes should consult with an experienced lawyer like The attorney in order to understand and protect their rights.

Experienced Drug Crimes Defense

For more than two decades, The attorney has been building successful defenses for persons who have been charged with drug crimes in Dracut and throughout Massachusetts. Her experience and propensity for great outcomes have resulted in her reputation as a top criminal lawyer in our state.

Drug Charges in Massachusetts

There are many drug crimes with which one might be charged in Massachusetts. These include possession, distribution, possession with intent, trafficking, conspiracy, manufacturing, drug paraphernalia, and school zone violations. The drugs involved include heroin, cocaine and crack cocaine, ecstasy, Oxycontin, meth, speed, steroids, LSD, PCP, marijuana, GHB, opium, mescaline, various prescription drugs, and more.

When charged with a drug crime, it is important to have a lawyer who has a combination of courtroom skill and knowledge of the particulars of the law and jurisprudence. Successful drug crimes defense can hinge on intricate search and seizure issues, as often drugs are seized when police have conducted searches that violate the Fourth Amendment. Drug crimes defense may also involve challenges to intent to distribute, challenges to possession, challenges to conspiracy, and challenges to weight of the drugs. To gain an understanding of the defenses that may be available in your case, you should speak with an experienced lawyer like the attorney.

Contact The Criminal Lawyer if you have been charged with a drug crime in Dracut, Massachusetts. The attorney’s office is conveniently located in North Andover. She also has a Boston office located on Congress Street in downtown. During a consultation with The attorney, she will listen attentively to the facts surrounding your charge and fully advise you as to the best defense strategy. She encourages potential clients to call as soon as possible, so do not wait. In addition to Dracut and other Middlesex County cities and towns, The attorney represents persons accused of crimes in all parts of the state, including: Norfolk County, Essex County, Suffolk County, Plymouth County, Worcester County, Barnstable County, and Bristol County.