Danvers Drug Crime

Danvers is a town located in Essex County, Massachusetts about 17 miles north of Boston, 15 miles southeast of Lawrence, and 10 miles north of Lynn. Danvers is a suburban community that takes pride in its school systems and its history. Danvers still retains an old New England feel, and much of its older architecture remains, despite fires and efforts at modernization.

Danvers offers several attractions, most relating to the notorious witch trials and hysteria of 1692. References to the Salem witch trials are often used in rhetoric to caution against the dangers of, among other things, due process violations, interference with individual liberties, and false accusations. While drugs and the drug trade, unlike “witchcraft,” are a real source of societal problems, governmental intrusions on our rights are still unacceptable. Massachusetts drug crimes attorney the attorney works relentlessly to protect her clients’ rights in courts all over the state, including Salem District Court, which services Danvers. The government must prove its case in order to convict a person of a drug crime, and The attorney puts up an aggressive fight to make that as difficult as possible.

Massachusetts Criminal Drug Defense

the attorney represents persons accused of drug crimes of all kinds, including:

Understand Your Rights

In many cases, drug charges arise from an unlawful search or seizure. Police can be so zealous in their efforts to identify potential drug offenders that they forget about our constitutional protections. The attorney has successfully argued countless motions to suppress evidence, and she will conduct a careful analysis of your arrest experience to ensure that your rights were not violated. The potential defenses to drug charges are virtually endless, and they depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of the case. The only way to build a sound strategy is to speak with a drug crimes attorney.

If you have been accused of a drug crime in Danvers or elsewhere, call criminal defense attorney the attorney today. She has more than 20 years of experience, and she is always up for a challenge. The attorney has offices in both North Andover and Boston, and both of these locations are easily accessible from Danvers and surrounding areas.