Burlington Drug Crime

Burlington, Massachusetts has a population of more than 24,000, made up of more than 6,000 families and more than 8,000 households. Located in Middlesex County, Burlington is an industrial town that has been growing since Route 128 was built, and the Burlington Mall pulls business into the town. In addition to the Burlington Mall, Burlington is home to several other shops , restaurants and attractions. Many professional athletes have come out of Burlington’s public school system. Burlington is governed by a Board of Selectmen and a Town Meeting. Woburn District Court has jurisdiction over Burlington and six other localities. Burlington residents who are facing drug charges in that or any other Massachusetts district or superior court should consult with the attorney, one of Massachusetts’ top criminal lawyers.

Massachusetts Drug Offenses

Drug crimes are widely prosecuted in Massachusetts, and some of the most frequently charged drug offenses are possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, trafficking and conspiracy. Drug users may find themselves charged with drug possession. Charges of possession with intent are more serious than straight possession and can result when there is a larger quantity of drugs or when there are other signs that the person in control of the drugs was not simply using them. These factors might include the presence of scales or drug packaging materials, large amounts of cash, or multiple packets of drugs. Trafficking involves very significant threshold amounts of drugs. Drug conspiracies are essentially unlawful agreements to commit the underlying drug crime. Other Massachusetts drug crimes include: counterfeit substances, drug paraphernalia, inducing minors to distribute or sell, school zone violations, knowingly being present where heroin is kept, and more. Drugs are divided into different classes in Massachusetts, with marijuana being a Class D drug, heroin being a Class A drug, and cocaine being a Class B drug. If you have any questions about a Massachusetts drug charge, you should ask an experienced drug defense lawyer as soon as possible.

Drug cases, like all criminal cases, are time-sensitive, and having a lawyer step in right off the bat will increase your chances of attaining a desired result. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will take an aggressive approach to a drug case. There will be motions to be filed, discovery to be made, and endless defense strategies to explore. Thus, it is always wise to act quickly when facing a criminal charge.

The attorney has more than two decades of practice handling drug cases, and she will use this expertise to fight for you. With a fierce attitude coupled with knowledge and intelligence, the attorney is an exceptional criminal defense attorney. In addition to Burlington, she handles cases all over the state and has two offices, the primary one located in North Andover and the other located in downtown Boston.