For a law-abiding Brookline citizen, facing criminal charges can be a terrifying ordeal. Your freedom, your money and your reputation are on the line. The outcome of your case can have far reaching effects on yourself, as well as your family. There is a lot at stake and you need an experienced attorney, with a proven track record of success, on your side to fight for you and your family.

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OUI Charges

Brookline citizens sometimes find themselves facing the criminal charge of Operating Under the Influence. Though this offense is often referred to as “drunk driving”, there is no official “drunk driving” charge under the laws in the state of Massachusetts. Operating under the influence means that the defendant's ability to adequately operate a motorized vehicle was impaired by alcohol. Massachusetts is tough on OUI convictions and the penalties can be severe. Not only are defendants facing a loss of driving privileges, but repeat offenders also face heavy fines and substantial jail sentences. To prove an OUI charge, the prosecuting attorney must prove that the defendant was operating a motor vehicle on a public way, and was under the influence of alcohol. Any one of these elements can become an issue for argument at trial. The defense attorney can assert that one or more of the elements have not been met, which supports a not guilty verdict. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances of the case, motions to suppress evidence, motions to suppress breathalyzer results and motions to dismiss can be filed. For example, the police must ALWAYS have a legitimate reason to pull a car over. Suspecting that a motorist may be lost is not a good reason. It is important to have an experienced criminal attorney on your side to ensure that all avenues are explored to ensure that a criminal defendant gets the best possible result for the case. For all of these reasons it is vital to hire an experienced OUI lawyer, like Attorney the attorney to aggressively advocate on your behalf.

Brookline was once part of Boston itself, but broke off and became incorporated as its own town in 1705. Since then, it has consistently refused attempts to annex it into the city. Brookline is named for the brooks that create the city’s limits, separating from the Roxbury and Brighton neighborhoods of Boston. With a population of 62,255, Brookline is considered a middle-class suburb. Locally, Brookline is known as a major Jewish population center and the home of many Russian and Israeli immigrants. Brookline is large enough to have its own Massachusetts district court, the Brookline District Court at 360 Washington Street. Attorney the attorney has successfully litigated numerous cases for Brookline citizens and she can do the same for you.

If you or someone that you care about has been charged with operating under the influence of alcohol it is essential to retain an experienced OUI law firm, like the Law Offices of the attorney. There is a lot at stake and you need the assistance of a professional attorney, with a proven track record. There is no time to waste, so call today.