Drunk Driving Convictions and Potential Deportation

A driving under the influence conviction in Massachusetts is a serious thing because it can mean that you will have to pay a fine and face jail time, but you will also establish a permanent criminal record, add points to your driver’s license, and face loss of your driving privileges for some amount of time. Yet another possible consequence of an aggravated drunk driving conviction is deportation from the United States Continue reading

Imagine that you are out on the town with your friends having a good time. You have not seen each other in a while, and thought that it would be fun to get some drinks and catch up. After throwing back a few, you all start to reminisce about your younger, crazy days together. Pretty soon a walk down memory lane turns into action: Your group decides to go out and do something crazy like when you were younger! Your group ends up at a local nightclub, and while exercising poor judgement due to your excessive drinking, one of your friends dares you to pull the fire alarm. You are under the influence and not thinking clearly, so you decide to take the dare. You quickly run up to a fire alarm and pull the handle. Panic and confusion at the club ensues because the patrons do not know that there is no real emergency. The club has to be evacuated, and the fire department arrives to conduct an inspection before anyone is allowed to return to the club. Now you are going to be charged with disorderly conduct.


Disorderly Conduct

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The Crime of Mayhem

It is not uncommon when a fight breaks out at a bar or some other public place for the fight participants to do whatever it takes to win. The fighters might punch one another, slap each other, kick, or hurl objects at the other, and sometimes one of the fighters might even bite the other if the fight gets up close and personal. When a fight involves biting, or some other form of harm that is capable of producing long-term disfigurement or scarring, the individual who caused the injury is often charged with the crime of mayhem, on top of being charged with other criminal offenses, such as assault and battery. Continue reading


Threatening to Commit a Crime

Most people do not realize that threatening to commit a crime in Massachusetts is actually a crime itself. Someone who makes a threat against someone or property can be charged with a crime under M.G.L. Chapter 275, Section 2. While a threat to commit a crime is clearly not as serious as actually committing the crime itself, it is still a criminal matter and charges for making a threat to commit a crime should be taken and defended against seriously. The gravity of the charge is fact specific. The more serious the threat the more ardent the prosecution. Continue reading


Criminal Charge Stacking

Sometimes when law enforcement officers makes an arrest, they charge as many crimes as they can at once. Police have the right to use their discretion when asserting criminal charges, and they sometimes err on the side of caution and assert more charges than is actually fair. This processes is known as criminal charge stacking and it affects many criminal defendants in Massachusetts. You may have heard of police making numerous charges in an attempt to see what charges stick after being scrutinized by the court, that is exactly what charge stacking is. Continue reading


Massachusetts Drug Cases

The Annie Dookhan saga continues in the High Court of Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court has ordered state prosecutors to review the 24,000 Massachusetts drug cases that had been handled – or rather, potentially mishandled – by Annie Dookhan between 2003 and 2011.  Some 20,000 criminal defendants who were convicted of drug charges could potentially have their convictions dismissed, or cases retried, as a result of the state’s debacle concerning Ms. Dookhan’s misconduct while working in a Boston-area drug analytics lab. Continue reading


Massachusetts Marijuana Laws

Marijuana has been legalized in Massachusetts for just a few months and legislators are already trying to prune back some of the provisions concerning the cultivation of marijuana, among other changes that could curb how people use and grow marijuana in the future. Being one of the first states to adopt legalization of marijuana statewide, the Commonwealth is struggling to get comfortable with the idea that marijuana is legal, that small amounts can be possessed without fear of prosecution, and that Massachusetts residents can grow cannabis in their homes if they so choose. Massachusetts marijuana laws however are evolving.  Continue reading


Charged With DUI Out of State? Don’t Ignore It.

Many Massachusetts residents are faced with the problem of being arrested and charged with driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol while outside the state of Massachusetts. These individuals often wonder what effects an out of state OUI could have on them back home in Massachusetts. Many people simply plead guilty to their DUI charge, or never show up to court in the state where they were arrested, thinking that the offense will never catch up to them if they do not return to the state or to “scene of the crime” so to speak. This is completely untrue. A drunk driving case in any state spells trouble for you, both in the state where you were charged as well as back home in Massachusetts. Continue reading


Drug Dealers Getting Charged for Overdose Deaths

In recent years it has become popular for illegal drug dealers to mix highly potent drugs such as the heroin with a substance known as fentanyl in order to generate a more profound high for those who are taking the drug. Fentanyl is the dangerous opioid drug compound that has produced far too many deaths in Massachusetts and the New England region as a result of its use. People who receive drugs that are mixed with fentanyl have a substantially increased risk of accidental fatal overdosing. In response, prosecutors are seeing drug dealers charged for deaths resulting from the drug dealing activities.  Continue reading

Gun charges in Massachusetts

Gun Charges in Massachusetts

While the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms, i.e., own guns, there are many federal regulations and state laws that apply to gun ownership. There are many laws in place that criminalize certain gun activity, and an individual who is caught by law enforcement engaging in illegal gun activity could face severe punishment. There are many times when a criminal defendant finds him or herself facing gun charges in Massachusetts. Anyone who has been charged with a gun offense or other weapons offense needs to consult with an experienced Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer immediately. Continue reading