Amesbury Drug Crime

Amesbury is a city with more than 16,000 residents that is located in Essex County, Massachusetts. Settled in 1655, Amesbury was once part of Salisbury, which borders Amesbury along with Newburyport, West Newbury, Merrimac, and a small part of Newton. Amesbury has access to I-495, Route 150, Route 110, and I-95. Haverhill is the sister city of Amesbury. There are many historic societies in Amesbury, and there are numerous museums and old homes in the city. Amesbury is served by Newburyport District Court. If you or someone you know has been accused of committing a drug crime in Amesbury or a surrounding community, the attorney, a leading criminal drug defense attorney, can fight for you.

Drug Offenses in Massachusetts

Drug offenses in Massachusetts are governed by the many different sections of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 94C. In most drug cases, the charge will be one of the following: possession, possession with intent to distribute, distribution, trafficking or conspiracy. When drug crimes involve minors or school zones, they become even more serious. Each drug case is unique, and the strategy that your lawyer will use will be tailored to the specific facts and circumstances.

Drug Possession Defense

Drug possession can be a serious crime, particularly if one has a criminal history, which is not uncommon as many persons who find themselves accused of this crime have underlying drug addictions or habits. Even for first offenses, the potential consequences are no joke and a serious defense is absolutely necessary.

Possession with Intent and Distribution Defense

Charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs or distribution of drugs can result in lengthy terms of jail time and very steep fines. Your attorney will need to conduct a prompt investigation into the facts and circumstances of your case, so it is advisable to speak with a criminal defense lawyer immediately.

Drug Trafficking Defense

Drug trafficking commonly involves cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and certain prescription drugs. The severity of a trafficking charge is enormous, and you will be looking at mandatory minimum sentences if this is the offense for which you have been charged. Prosecutions for drug trafficking are especially hard-line, and the lawyer that you choose will need to pack a punch to protect your freedom.

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